Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010-Solution Four-Support Your Local Organic Farmer

Tomorrow I am going over to Dingo Farms to pick up some organic clean meat.
Dingo farms is a family run farm who raises Grass-fed Beef, Lamb, Berkshire Pork, Free-range Chicken and Duck. Their livestock is Naturally Raised: Non GMO, No Antibiotics, and No Hormones. From what I'm told their meat is in high demand at the fancy restaurants in Toronto. I did get some meat from them back in the summer from the Bradford Farmer's Market. Those burgers were good. I can't wait until summer and the grill is fired up again. But for now home cooking in the kitchen with super quality ingredients will do.
Check them out if you are in area or check the listing for a organic farm in your area.
USA, Canada, UK and others included in listing

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